The topic of Outsourcing for Small to Medium Business SME’s in Australia and broadly on a global basis has become one of the hottest topics in cost savings for business in 2016.

Now there is a solution for SME’s  not just big business, with so many staff duties in the workplace now being carried out by an army of highly trained individuals at an extremely cost effective rate in the Philippines.

Word of mouth is spreading as the process of how to go about outsourcing has grown in popularity particularly as more and more small and medium sized enterprises have taken their first steps to investigate how to get started and reap the benefits.

The trend for SME’s has already well and truly taken off in the USA and Canada and why should big business be the only companies in Australia that benefit from staff outsourcing?

What Big Business Do

Big business such as Banks, Telephone and Energy companies have been outsourcing and offshoring for years, initially setting up in India with the majority now moving their operations to the Philippines where approximately 25% of the world call centres reside with a pool of talent and experience, great English speaking skills and humble, friendly personalities.

Business owners, Managing Directors and CEO’s in difficult economic times wheres taxes and cost of wages are at a premium verses the revenues they generate are being posed the question why they would continue to pay 75 % more for someone to do the same job with onerous on costs such as superannuation, work cover, payroll tax and PAYG administration costs.

Virtual Assistants Save Resources

Known as Virtual Assistants, staff can be screened on behalf of a business and recruited for free, allowing the business owner to make the final decision and have a full time resource, in a managed environment with great CRM technology for as little as 1K per month verses paying 40K to 60K per annum in Australia. Also including unfair dismissal laws and all the tax responsibilities and accounting administration that go with it.

Outsourcing eliminates the expensive cost of HR management, recruitment costs and allows business to grow by having the flexibility to have staff offshore for the same price as one locally. With online technology, email and video communication such as Skype its like they are sitting in the next room.

Any employer who is considering seeking out a helping hand in roles such as call answering, administration, web design, graphic design, debt collect, bookkeeping and personal assistant to name a few should carefully consider their options and ensure they source the right candidates in a managed environment to maximise the productivity and talent of their chosen offshore staff.

As long as the process is managed correctly and have a local representative contact, outsourcing is an excellent business strategy and it would not have become so popular with big business over the recent decade otherwise.

Offshoring in the Philippines

Employing staff offshore via Virtual Assistant to carry out exactly the same tasks and duties that would be carried out back at home highlights numerous benefits. Considerable costs to source, recruit and train new staff is provided by Virtual Assistant for free, as well as the need to buy all of the essential computer equipment, software, desks, chairs and real estate costs. Even the tea and coffee, stationery and cleaning costs are eliminated.

By avoiding the task of employing extra staff locally or having existing valuable employees looking after things such as payroll, bookkeeping, social media and web development and maintenance, business owners will also be able to free up more time to focus on what they are good at, look after their customers and carry out the tasks that most need their attention,

It is essential that you do your research and pick the right outsourcing company and Virtual Assistant Asia with Management in Australia, USA and Philippines will ensure it is a streamlined cost effective and successful process.

Gary Mackenzie (CEO, Virtual Assistant Asia)